Kitty Rescue

At Kitty Café we are dedicated to bringing cats to full health and happiness and then re-homing our lovely feline friends. That is our mission and life is better with cats! When a cat comes to live at Kitty Café it’s not all cuddles and purrs. We ensure all our kitties get the help they need to be happy and healthy - no matter the cost.

Before we re-home our cats in their forever home we have regular vet checks, vaccinations, neutering/spaying, microchipping and all the standard things that come with taking on a kitty. However, some additional costs and more complex treatments aren’t uncommon and could mean we need to spend thousands to bring them back to full health.

That's why at Kitty Café we will never ask someone who can offer a forever home to pay anything, as long as they can offer a suitable environment and the love they want, then that’s enough for us. All we ask to support us with this is that you come and visit us and spend some time with cats. If you want to become a supporter why not become a Kitty Club member?